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The ” Dream Queen” Carole La Plante, a renowned psychic, medium and Tarot Card Reader, revealed to me that it was my destiny to be a Tarot Card Reader. The respected psychic and spiritual visionary, Norman Moody, told me that he saw me as a healer that counseled people through my Tarot Card Readings

My Tarot Teachers

My Tarot teachers and mentors, Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone, are Certified Tarot Gradmasters

They co-founded the accredited, The Tarot School of New York. The Tarot School is where I received my Tarot training and three certifications in Advanced Tarot Card Reading. An exciting curriculum is offered at The Tarot School: Spirituality, Philosophy, The Mysteries and all things Tarot.

Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone created the yearly, international, Readers Studio event. The Readers Studio is three magical days of intense Tarot study, hands-on workshops, and Tarot collaboration. From all around the world, The Tarot Greats, Tarot Readers, teachers, authors, artists and Tarot deck creators come together to learn, celebrate and play!

Ciro Marchetti


Cherished memories of mine from The Readers Studio events are meeting artist Ciro Marchetti, and having the privilege of learning and studying alongside the very kind and generous Tarot Great Grandmasters and authors, Mary Greer and Rachel Pollack. To have such esteemed, Tarot luminaries teaching me, in the Tarot workshops, how to master the methodology of Tarot, was surreal!

Where I am, you also may be

With the beacon of the light-of-the-world, I illuminate the way for others.


A serious seeker

Attainment of the hightest inner wisdom and spiritual self.

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Having worked with Corinne Alphen as a Tarot card reader, I find that she is a genuine and sincere person who deserves to be listened to. Corinne Alphen will advise you through the best of her knowledge. Corinne Alphen speaks with her angel guides. Remember, a Tarot Card Reader is just a tool. From one spiritual leader to another spiritual leader I would trust her explicitly with your telephone Tarot card reading!

Norman Moody