Tarot & Me

I see Tarot card reading as a tool that connects you to your deeper psyche, the subconscious, giving you a stronger and more loving relationship with yourself. There are intriguing secrets of an ancient wisdom that lay hidden deep within the meanings and symbolism of Tarot card readings..

My Archangel Michael

I pray to my Archangel Michael, please protect the joy, innocence and light of my inner child. Let no shadow, including my own, harm her.

Corinne attended St. Johns, St. Josephs
and Ste. Chretienne Academy.


Deep feelings and emotions for family, friends and lovers. Instinctive knowledge that comes from within.

My cup overflows

With life, love, happiness and pleasure. A powerful new beginning of spiritual fulfillment, Peace and a gift of emotional renewal.

High Priestess

I have the all-seeing-sight.
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Howling at the Moon
Pull back the Veil
I  AM  the WOLFE !    

The Royal Road to Wisdom


I am surprised and humbled that God has deemed me worthy to be of service to others through Tarot.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of my Tarot spiritual path.
I hold my self to the highest standard of Tarot.

It is with an open heart and pure intent that I will journey with you, through our Tarot Reading, to unlock the intriguing secrets and mysteries of an ancient wisdom that lay hidden, deep within the meanings and symbolism of Tarot.

Tarot Is A Healing Modality


The Tarot is a healing modality, a tool, where allegorical communication is key.

Decoding mystical messages that cross space and time, it is a layering of many languages.

Based on meanings of







Jungian philosophy of imagistic archetypes

Mysteries, Powers, and Graces of Angels


Spirit Guides & Animals

You have an extraordinary, other wordly and esoteric Tarot system.
A universe all unto its own!

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Be the best version of yourself by connecting to your deeper psyche, the subconscious.

A newfound awareness of feelings and thoughts, often ignored or pushed into the depths of your soul, can be brought to the surface and addressed. The Tarot can help you find solutions, overcome obstacles and illuminate the life path that you are presently on so that you have clarity and a full understanding of what is needed to move you forward to a happy, fulfilling and productive life. I will give you my full attention and will always assist you in actively participating in our Tarot Reading together.


You will find me to be easy to talk to, engaging, fun and caring. I am honest, a good listener and I take pride in the accuracy of my Tarot Readings.


Blending opposing elements,
people & situations

Corinne Alphen co-stars in the play, Baby Doll & the movie Brainwaves

The Almighty Forbids:


All Dark Witchcraft and Spellwork.  Black Magic, Voodoo, Hexes, Curses,  Necromancy, Demonology and Blood-Death- Rituals!  Energy Vampires, Evil Warlocks and Dark Witches will be met with:

Elvis Presley
x Ten