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Menswear Fashion Modeling Shoot
Photo by Peter Strongwater

Menswear Fashion Modeling Shoot Photo by Peter Strongwater

Tarot Connects Me to My Inner Child

Never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined, that at this time of my life, The Tarot, would be the key to a spiritual re- awakening that would deeply connect me to my Inner Child. My sacral chakra urged me to surrender to the calling of my soul’s purpose. I am of the belief that God, my angels and spirit guides, are illuminating the way for me to prevail through unchartered waters and climb my personal mountain, in order to reach that ultimate, astrological point, The North Node. 

Corinne Alphen’s inner child

Corinne Alphen’s inner child

My Beloved

My Spirit Guide & Protector

Glenn Alphen

Libra Wood Horse

Balanced.     Graceful.     Diplomatic.

Peaceful, with an innate sense of fairness, a sunny disposition, and a need for a lovely environment, Libra is fun and easy to get along with. A galloping horse cannot be stopped!  Blazing trails, chomping at the bit, bucking restraints, and refusing to be tamed, the powerful horse will rise up and stomp you if threatened!  When associated with the element of wood, the horse is more philosophical, compassionate, and humane. The wood grants a greater capacity for contemplation, stability and groundedness You will find the Libra Wood Horse at the library, tending to the wood stove or running free and wild!

The Absolute Truth.

“Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove”

The Empress Tarot Card

I Hope you Dance! 

I am a loving mother

Corinne & Robin

“If you get the choice to sit it out or Dance I Hope you Dance!”

Your Inner Child Is the Light

Light penetrates the dark.

Make a promise to that little girl or little boy inside you that you will nurture, respect, and protect them. Guide them to stand in their power and feel worthy. When a light is shined on your Inner Child, they will respond; by creating, using their voice, pursuing all their dreams  and connecting with others in a confident and joyful way.  Coax your Inner Child to come out and play, celebrate life, and practice gratitude. Do this and you will see yourself thrive!  A secure, happy, and optimistic Inner Child will be the centered compass that compels you to attract the loving romantic partner that you deserve.

Inner Child & Shadow Work

“What is done in the dark will be seen in the light”

Beware of feeding The Shadow, for it is manifested, from deep- seated, childhood wounds, that have never been healed and it can keep compounding strengths of shadow energies until it’s an entity and becomes a Beast! However, if you find yourself in a Dangerous Liasons situation, dealing with a true Folie a’ deaux threat, or faced with any formidable adversary, Your Shadow can be the warrior that is needed to protect and defend your Inner Child!  A  trompe l’oeil of symbolism, hidden secrets and ancient alchemy, The Tarot will subtly, whisper, strategic tactics, you may need,  to out maneuver any of their machiavellian machinations, thus avoiding, psychological cagefights. If you put the best intentions of your Inner Child at the forefront, then you will determine that no harm will come to you.   

“I Tame the Inner Beast Unleashing Primordial Animal Instinct.”

Forgiveness has the capacity to heal and transform.

Forgive, and we will release the trauma-bonding, that lies within the very marrow of our bones, from those who have hurt and betrayed us.

Forgive, with our scarred hearts and give ourselves permission, to always, love them, but to find the strength and wisdom to love ourselves and our children more. Only then, can we let them go, move on, and begin a new life, filled with hope, peace and happiness Forgive ourselves for carrying and acting out any anger, resentment and bitterness towards them, so that we can prevent, trauma rooted, responses, which in turn, makes our Shadow, more fierce! Forgiving others speaks to our Inner Child, of kindness, which stirs in us, the inspiration, to honor our core integrity. This part of us, when made to feel, fully loved and accepted, will makes us, try harder, to be a better person and.to see the beauty in the world!